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FREE ATTIC INSPECTION. We’ll Check Your Home For Proper Insulation, Any Roof Leaks And Even Pests

Insulation And Attic Insulation For Energy SavingNow let’s qualify something here… We’re not sayin you have to upgrade your insulation or roof today. Let’s just see just exactly what your needs are. Then, you can decide from there your best course of action.

With the economy the way is right now home owners like you aren’t doing major upgrades; BUT you’re gonna need to somewhere down the line so let’s do a FREE assessment. Then you can plan a strategy consistent with your specific needs and in your time frame… You’re the boss!

Also, to save more money, Consumers Energy is currently offering rebates for home improvements like:

  • Cellulose Insulation (New Advanced Insulation)
  • Updated Heating Systems
  • Ventilating/ Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • New Technology Roofs (metal and asphalt)
  • Water Heaters (non-solar)
  • Replacement Windows And Doors
  • Siding For You Home

So think about this…The new insulation technology these days is light-years ahead of what it was a decade before, and even more advanced than the insulation installed in Metro Detroit homes 25 years ago.

FREE MONEY! The Feds Are Goin To Bat For You With Insulation And Other Energy Savings Rebates

Save Energy And Money With New Attic InsulationOur Federal Government has been steppin up the pace and putting tremendous pressure on insulation manufactures to upgrade the R-value for new insulation, which is awesome because it saves you money on energy bills month after month (HGTV reports you can easily save 25-50%).

Out with the old inferior fiberglass insulation that loses R-value over time, and in with the new and improved insulation that delivers you a mega high R-value for lower energy bills; and with proper installation you get a more comfortable home that’s cozy and saves you and your family money.

CLICK HERE for more info that details your energy rebates from Consumers Energy, The State Of Michigan and the Federal Government. And remember, now is definitely the time to get as much information so you can and take advantage of these rebates and lower insulation prices.

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